Thursday, March 11, 2010

A lot of trouble

In the UK, we have to contend with the private lives of footballers John Terry and Ashley Cole.  In Mongolia, they have the champion Sumo, Asashoryu.  I've written about Asashoryu and his (substantially) larger than life antics before, but the latest news is that Asashoryu has dramatically quit Sumo. 

Some have claimed that his decision to quit the sport followed a 'drunken brawl' in which Asashoryu allegedly broke another man's nose.  Asashoryu himself has now denied this, and claims darkly that he was the victim of a conspiracy which forced him out before he could break the record for the number of Emperor's Cup victories. 

Whatever the truth, the key question is what the ever-entertaining Asashoryu will do next.  This highly entertaining article suggests some possibilities, but this piece from Bloomberg suggests a rather duller future in, um, investment banking.


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