Monday, January 25, 2010

A multiple natural disaster

I reported recently that Mongolia was currently suffering from a winter which, even by local standards, is proving disastrously severe.  This report from Mongolia-Web indicates that the situation remains critical, particularly for those in the most remote regions. 


1. &mpersand said...

Wow, that certainly puts our few weeks of snow into perspective... It's obviously (and unfortunately) not so unusual though, if there is this special word - "dzud" - to describe the situation. The term sounds very fitting though, almost onomatopoeiaic(?)

2. Michael+Walters said...

Yes - makes our shortage of grit seem trivial, doesn't it? I believe that Mongolians talk of a black dzud (food shortages caused by summer drought followed by a cold winter) and a white dzud (intense snowfalls). This year, unfortunately, they have experienced both.

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