Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An accredited premier tasting event

Technology is a wonderful thing.  It means, for example, that I can update this blog from pretty much wherever I am.  Unfortunately, it also means that where I currently am is sitting on a stationary train somewhere outside London because of a snow-inspired power failure. 

Still, that's given me the opportunity to scan the news from Mongolia so that you don't have to.  I'm not sure that I've ever fully understood the concept of 'brand' (and, no, I wouldn't like you to explain, thanks all the same).  But I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that two Mongolian beer brands, Fusion and Borgio, have taken the gold and silver awards at the 2009-2010 World's Largest Beverage Competition.  I presume that means it's the world's largest competition in this particular field, rather than a cometition for the world's largest beverage, attractive as that idea might sound as I sit here on a motionless train.  The two Mongolian beers were apparently beaten only by the splendidly named US wheat beer, Son of  a Peach.  I note also that China took the gold award for water (yes, I know) for a product called L'Ice, which possibly sounds better in Chinese.  At a more chauvinistic level, I was delighted to see that England  took the platinum award for tea (what else?) with Stress Test Earl Grey Blend,. narrowly beating China's Organic Panda Orange.  No, I still don't understand the concept of 'brand', I'm afraid. 

Mind you, the highlighted comments of the award judges are a source of delight.   They range from the hyperbolic - 'madness is an understatement to this flavor explosion!' - to the possibly backhanded 'a very pleasant surprise awaits you with this vintage', with a particular fondness for puns that don't quite work. For instance, Greenall's Bloom gin is described as offering: 'A BLOOM of flavor; certain to catch the eye of Gin lovers everywhere!'.  Come again?


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