Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Help for Nergui...?

I've written a lot in the novels about fictional corruption of various kinds in Mongolia.  In reality, the country has been taken some very active steps to combat corruption in recent years, and I was interested to see this piece about international advisers providing support to the authorities within Mongolia.  Come to think of it, Marcelo and Kwok makes a pretty good name for a crime-busting duo...


1. philip said...

Marcelo and Kwok does have a certain something. The only problem, for I have a bit of a thing about names in crime fiction, is that I think I'd find it a little bit too unlikely. No such problems in your works, Michael, and yesterday The Adversary arrived at my door, one of the books I selected as my spoils for winning the redoutable Crime Scraps magnificent Quirky Quiz. We are back to snow, rain and sub-zero temperatures here, so this is going to provide a fine treat for a weekend housebound.

2. Michael Walters said...

I thought 'Marcelo and Kwok' had rather the air of a 1970s US police series, though I agree that it does strain the suspension of disbelief. But, as always, that's reality for you. One of the challenges I've found in writing about Mongolia is that the truth does tend to leap ahead of the fiction. Anyway, I hope The Adversary helps to compensate for the state of the weather. You certainly deserve it (and much more) for winning one of Uriah Robinson's fiendish quizzes.

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