Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Crimefest 2009

I managed to miss the first Crimefest convention in Bristol last year because it clashed with another prior commitment, but I'm very much looking forward to attending this year's from 14-16 May.  The organisers have put together an impressive and diverse programme, ranging from luminaries such as Michael Connolly, John Harvey and Andrew Taylor, all the way down to - well, me, I suppose. 

I've been invited to take part in two panels.  The first is 'The Big Heat: Police Procedurals' moderated by Edward Marston with participation from, as well as yours truly, Stephen Booth, Alison Bruce, and Pauline Rowson.  The second is entitled 'Border Incident: Crime in Foreign Climes' , is moderated by Paul Johnston and features Chris Ewan, Yrsa Sigurdardottir and Anne Zouroudi.  A pretty varied mix of writers in each case, which I'm sure will provide the basis of a fascinating discussion. 

There are countless people I'm looking forward to meeting there, including esteemed writer/bloggers such as Martin Edwards and Declan Burke, both of whom I've corresponded with virtually but not met face-to-face.  I'm also pleased to see that the list of attendees includes various stars of the crime fiction blogosphere, including Maxine Clark and Peter Rozovsky, who are regular virtual visitors to these pages.  Looks like the makings of an excellent weekend.  If you want to find out more, all the details are here.


1. &mpersand said...

I'm looking forward to hearing all about that! You may also meet some other Ampersanders (I know for instance that Helen Black was there last year).

&... xxx

2. Michael Walters said...

Thanks, Amy - yes, very much looking forward to it...looks an interesting bunch of people!

3. Maxine said...

I plan to be there, along with fellow Euro Crime fans Karen Meek, Norman ("yurt on Dartmoor") Robinson. Looking forward to seeing you. (Yes, Helen Black was there last year.)

I popped in to mention a new US review of The Adversary: http://www.denverpost.com/books/ci_11795179 Nice!

4. Michael Walters said...

Gosh - that's a nice one! Thanks very much for drawing it to my attention, Maxine. I've been delighted with the reviews that 'The Adversary' has been picking up so far in the US.

I'm very much looking forward to Crimefest, not only because the programme looks excellent but also for the opportunity to meet people like yourself, Karen and Norman who put in such terrific work to support crime fiction.

And thanks again for letting me know about the Denver review!

5. Martin+Edwards said...

And I look forward to meeting you, Michael. It should be another great convention.

6. Michael Walters said...

Thanks, Martin - very much looking forward to it.

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