Thursday, December 4, 2008

In constant contact with people’s heads

Every now and then, the ever-fascinating UB Post takes me through the looking glass.  In this case, it's a looking glass held to the back of my head, as the Post introduces us, in a quite extraordinary interview, to J.Dovchinsuren, Head of the Association of Mongolian Hairdressers and Beauticians.  I didn't even know there was such a word as 'cosmetologist', but now I know better. 

Mr Dovchinsuren has some interesting, possibly even unique, opinions - for example that hairdressing is 'as responsible a job as a doctor, because hairdressers are in constant contact with people’s heads'.  He also provides a remarkable insight into what was really going on behind the Iron Curtain:

"During the Socialist period, I designed many hairstyles which I took patents for. At that time, there was a special ministry for giving patents. My design named “Zolboo” has its own patent. But now the ministry doesn’t exist anymore, and people are no longer seeking patents for individual hairstyles."



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