Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Creative anachronism and the Silver Horde

The UB Post publishes another of those stories that make my head spin slightly.  This one concerns Luigi Kapaj, a computer programmer based in New York, who has founded the Silver Horde, a historical reenactment group that focuses exclusively on the Mongol Empire.  He has named himself Gulugjab Tangghudai, or Grand Khaan, in homage to Mongolia’s favorite son.  As the article rightly points out, "few history buffs have realized Chinggis Khaan’s entertainment value".  Not until now, at any rate. 

The Silver Horde is part of the wonderfully-named Society for Creative Anachronism, which is apparently "a global organization that advocates the study and recreation of medieval and Renaissance European cultures and histories".  Kapaj's goal, he says, to "promote knowledge and understanding of the Mongol culture and dispel misapprehensions of Mongolian warriors as barbarians".  Which sounds like a nobel objective for a fascinating enterprise.

I've been rather quiet for the last week or so, ffor a variety of dull reasons, so I hope you'll also forgive my taking this opportunity just to give you a gentle reminder that The Outcast is now out in the UK, available from all half-decent bookstores.  Rather pleasingly, it was J Kingston Pierce's pick of last week in January magazine. 


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