Sunday, October 19, 2008

Primates and problem chimps

I was slightly startled yesterday to find, in the Daily Telegraph of all places, an article on the great Half Man Half Biscuit, perhaps the finest band ever to emerge from Birkenhead.  Even more bizarrely, the columnist Sam Leith made a (possibly slightly desperate) attempt to align them with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams.  I couldn't quite follow the argument, and my understanding is that Dr Willams's tastes tend more towards early Incredible String Band.

Nevertheless, it's always pleasing to stumble across a HMHB fan (another is the former English cricket coach, David 'Bumble' Lloyd).  I've been an admirer of the band from their early days, but in recent years I've gradually come to the conclusion that their leader, Nigel Blackwell, is one of our finest living songwriters.  We fans are a small but select group, with our Joy Division oven-gloves and our biro-scrawled slippers (if this is incomprehensible to you, I'd suggest a look at the HMHB website), but we do our best to spread the word.  The Biscuits, as no-one calls them, are playing a rare gig in Manchester in January and I expect to be there. 

The only crime fiction link, I'm afraid, is the title of their latest CD, shown above, which might appeal to Martin Edwards, author of the excellent Lake District Mysteries...


1. Martin+Edwards said...

Hi Michael - great suggestion!

2. Michael Walters said...

Thanks, Martin - thought the title would appeal!

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