Friday, September 26, 2008

'The Shadow Walker' becomes 'Blutiger Schnee' - and Michael becomes Mike...

Yesterday, I received advanced copies of the German edition of The Shadow Walker, retitled Blutiger Schnee (which means 'blood on the snow' or thereabouts), which is to be published there by Goldmann in October.  Slightly mysteriously, it's written by my alter-ego, Mike Walters, who I imagine to be a rather tougher, more noirish character than Michael.  But I have to say that, whoever wrote it, Goldmann have done a terrific job in its production.


1. &mpersand said...

Hello "Mike" (if I may!)

The name thing is fascinating - did Goldmann explain the reasoning behind this decision?

&... xxx

2. Michael Walters said...

I've not really explored it. I've published some non-fiction books as Mike (which is what most people call me, assuming they're being polite...) so I was quite happy when Quercus suggested Michael as it kept the two distinct. It might be that Goldmann opted for Mike so the name didn't look too similar to that of my namesake (but, as far as I'm aware, non-relation), Minette, since Goldmann also publish her books in Germany. But who knows? I quite like the dual identity (and now I'm wondering whether I'd write differently as Mike...)

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