Monday, August 18, 2008

Stranger than fiction...?

One of the challenges of writing crime fiction is that, all too quickly, the real world tends to overtake you.   As reported in the UB Post, the latest developments following Mongolia's recent elections certainly sound disturbingly like the opening scenes of a crime novel.  It remains to be seen whether a real-life  Nergui will emerge to take on the case. 


1. Cora Harrison said...

Have just read Shadow Walker - gulped it down in one eving and very much enjoyed it. I've posted a comment on the Ampersand Blog.
I did like Nergui immensely.
(Sorry this is not very political but I am very unpolitical - except for 16th century politics, of course.

2. Michael Walters said...

Many thanks, Cora - and, at the risk of sounding too cosy, you know I enjoyed 'My Lady Judge' equally. As for politics - well, I find them fascinating, but only so long as I can remain just an observer...

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