Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The season of death

In her entertaining book, Wild West - Travels in the New Mongolia, Jill Lawless comments that 'In contrast to the season's symbolism is most countries, spring in Mongolia is the season of death, a time for herders to watch the sky and worry'. 

If one doubted her words, the reports of this week's devastating snow storms in the east of the country provide ample demonstration of Mongolia's uniquely arduous climate.


1. richard said...

What was excetionally democratic about Ganghis Kahn?

2. Michael Walters said...

Well, it's not necessarily my own view, but the author of the Mainstream piece I linked to in my previous posting argued that 'few people know that democratic principles were handed down to the Mongolian people by the legendary Genghis Khan. It was Genghis Khan who codified the four basic principles of democracy: participatory government, rule by law, equality under the law and personal freedoms. What is even remarkable is the fact that Genghis Khan established these democratic principles nine years before King John signed the Magna Carta'. I think it's certainly true that Genghis Khan was a more complex figure that his popular image might suggest...

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