Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cutting Agatha's rope

Maxine Clarke, of the ever-excellent Petrona blog, has been good enough (in her comment on my posting below) to draw my attention to an article in the US Publishers Weekly about the current wave of British and Irish crime books being published in the US.  The article lists many luminaries from this side of the Atlantic, but finds time also to reference the forthcoming US publication of The Shadow Walker by Berkley Prime Crime.  The Shadow Walker also gets a nice mention in this article from the US Library Journal

All of which also gives me the only excuse I need to mention that, following the publication of The Shadow Walker in August, Berkley Prime Crime will also be publishing The Adversary in the US in early 2009. 

Incidentally, as an aside, Maxine's current posting actually did make me laugh out loud.


1. Maxine said...

And thank you kindly, for the two nice mentions! Much appreciated. I am so pleased that your books are getting published in the USA and being welcomed in this way. At risk of being just "too" gushing, I will also mention that your lovely UK publisher, Quercus, invited me to a book launch recently (Bruno Chief of Police), which despite my reclusive nature I did attend, as I'd read the book and liked it. I got into conversation with Mark Smith (MD) about crime fiction generally and Quercus's books in particular, so we both had the opportunity to say how much we enjoyed your books ;-)

2. Michael Walters said...

Thanks, Maxine - I'm blushing now...

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