Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Dul Hotel in Moron

Fascinating account from the UB Post of a visit to the Tsaatan  or reindeer people in northern Mongolia.  And if anyone else out there ever stays at the Dul Hotel in Moron, please could you send me a postcard?


1. Jess said...

I am reading 'The Shadow Walker'. After a bunch of paperbacks that quite obviously were written with a hot pen, full of bad grammar, typos and repetitions that spoiled the story, this is wonderful. I like the setting, the characters, and the story is great. I hope you will keep writing.


2. Michael Walters said...

Hi Jess

Many thanks for the kind words - and for taking the time to comment. Really glad you're enjoying 'The Shadow Walker'. I'll certainly keep writing - you'll probably have seen that the second book in the series, 'The Adversary', is now out in paperback in the UK, and the third book will be out in hardback later in the year - so I hope you enjoy those as much!
Sincere thanks again.

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