Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ghosts and small earthquakes

Sorry - been a little quiet on here over the last couple of weeks, partly because I've been away for a week enjoying the rural splendors of Herefordshire.  A perfect opportunity to catch up on the latest Merrily Watkins book, The Fabric of Sin, by my Quercus stablemate, the excellent Phil Rickman.  I've been saving up this one since it's also partly about another enthusiasm of mine, M R James, and it seemed right to read it while staying in Ms Watkins's home territory.  And quite superb it is, possibly the best in the series to date, which is saying something.  Last Friday, because I had to catch an early train to London, I ended up walking through the fog-bound streets of historic Ledbury at 6.30am - which would have been an atmospheric enough experience even without the book fresh in my mind. 

Meanwhile, the political world trundles on with consequences great and small.  Here's one of the smaller ones.  The last sentence perhaps gives a clue as to why Mongolia should share some fellow-feeling with Monaco. 


1. Maxine said...

"Opposites attract", maybe? They don't compare the sizes, only providing that of Monaco, strangely.

I hope the writing is coming along well. Some of us are impatient ;-)

2. Michael Walters said...

It reminded me rather of the small village of Whitwell in Rutland which claims to be twinned with Paris.

Still working hard on the writing, Maxine. 'The Outcast' is currently going through the editing process, but I'm also now well into something else which will be a (temporary) change from Mongolia. But more Nergui planned in due course.

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