Saturday, March 1, 2008

One of the good days

The writing life has its ups and downs, as well as a fair bit of just trundling along the flatlands of everyday existence.  Every now and then, though, you get one of those days that justifies all that time spent in the garret (I do literally write in an attic, albeit a rather comfortable one with a bookshelves, broadband and, if I raise my head slightly, a view out over the Pennines).  My best day so far was shortly after The Shadow Walker was first published.  I'd spent an hour signing some copies in Waterstone's in Manchester, and, for reasons unconnected with my writing life, was then catching a train down to Birmingham.  On the way through Manchester Piccadilly station, I bought a copy of The Independent to read on the train.  Flicking idly through it, I found myself staring, quite possibly open-mouthed, at a very enthusiastic review by Jane Jakeman of The Shadow Walker, which had been selected as the newspaper's book of the day.  I've never had a chance to thank Jane Jakeman for that review - so if anyone out there knows her, please pass on my gratitude.

Yesterday quite didn't match that, but it was still a decent day.  I was again in Manchester for various reasons, and took the opportunity to visit the Waterstone's crime section, as I frequently do.  I was delighted to see that The Adversary paperback, which is officially released next week, was already stacked high on their display table as part of their '3 for 2' spring promotion. 

Then I arrived home to find a neat package waiting for me - copies of the uncorrected proof editions of the US edition of The Shadow Walker from Berkley Books, complete with Richard Tuschman's splendid cover.  Looks terrific - I'll be only too happy if people judge this book by its cover. 

So - not bad.  As Van Morrison once sang: ' Wouldn't it be great if it was like this all the time?'


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