Thursday, February 28, 2008

Beatboxing clever

I'm sure you've just been waiting to read about the first Mongolian human beatbox, one B.Narandelger, helpfully known simply as Ray.  Ray's previous achievements include combining traditional throat singing with the harmonica, which is perhaps not something the world really needed, though apparently people in South Korea admired it very much. 

The article also contains an intriguing, if slightly unconvincing, history of human beatboxing.  Apparently, the tradition is thought to have originated in India several thousand years ago but - in case you were wondering - this had 'little relation with hip hop'.  Rather more startlingly, the article then suggests that 'one could conclude that beatboxing was invented by...Syd Barrett'.  The late Mr Barrett was doubtless a remarkable talent, but I suspect that this might have been news even to him.  In fact, the article concludes,'his style of beatboxing was dissimilar from what one today would compare beatboxing with'.  Well, quite.  

But never fear.  The future of beatboxing is safe, because Ray has already founded the Union of Mongolian Beatboxing Artists.  I look forward to attending their inaugural meeting.  Just don't ask me to take the minutes.  


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