Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The first sun of the year

Very interesting account from the UB Post of the recent Mongolian celebration of Tsagaan Sar or White Moon, the lunar new year holiday.  The report describes President Enkhbayar's visit to Megjid Janraisag Temple at the Gandan Monastery, the center of Mongolian Buddhism, to pray for the well-being of the nation in the upcoming year - the Year of Earth Rat.  The President commented, perhaps slightly opaquely:  “Destined man saw the Year of the Rat, as the Mongols say from the ancient times. The Year of Rat is the one that heads the 12-year cycle of the lunar calendar. I strongly believe that the new year will bring happiness to all of us.”  Speaking as someone born in a previous Year of the Rat, I hope he's right. 


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