Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Obama - the Mongolian angle...

Everyone else in the world seems to be talking about the US Presidential campaign, so I've been searching for some kind of tenuous link to this blog.  And finally I've found one


1. Peter said...

How do you say, "We want change!" in Mongolian?

Obama is also drawing attention in East Africa, as even President Bush noted with some good humor on his recent visit to Tanzania.

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2. Michael+Walters said...

I think he's attracting attention everywhere. On this side of the pond, we're watching with great interest...

3. M.angle said...

"We want change" for Mongolian is "Bid uurchlultiig khusej baina". I personally think Obama was a great choice for a president. But what's really interesting is the current president of Mongolia used a similar campaign for election. He even had the same poster (although it's not official) with the slogan "We want change".

4. Michael Walters said...

Thanks for the comment. I agree about Obama, though I think he has tremendous challenges ahead. It is interesting that the same slogan was used in Mongolia - I think there's a great desire across the world (and certainly here in the UK) for a reinvention of politics, even if no-one's quite sure how it can be achieved!

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