Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More shameless self promotion

The always enlightening Peter Rozovsky, in his Detectives Beyond Borders blog, has written recently about the title changes that sometimes occur when a book is published overseas.  The Shadow Walker remains The Shadow Walker for its US edition, but the German edition, to be  published later this year by those splendid folk at Goldmann, bears the title of Blutiger Schnee, which my feeble German translates as Bloody Snow.  Which seems a fine title to me.  More intriguingly, I've been translated into German as Mike Walters - which is also fine by me, though I'll be interested to see if I write differently under that name.  Goldmann are also due to publish The Adversary in Germany in 2009


1. Peter said...

The name change is interesting. Matt Beynon Rees lost his middle name when his books where published in the U.K., but yours is the only instance I can think of offhand of a name being shortened. "Mike Walters" does have a tougher, more hard-boiled edge to it, as if the Bard of Avon has published some of his bloodier titles as Bill Shakespeare.
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2. Michael Walters said...

It's intriguing. I tend to be Mike to family and friends (very few of whom live in Germany). Quercus in the UK preferred Michael - which I was very happy with (I've also published a number of non-fiction books in an unrelated field as Mike). But Goldmann prefer Mike - which I've also no problem with. I'm sure my wife would be amused by the idea that it sounds tougher and more hard-boiled. At a practical level, it might be because Goldmann also publish my namesake (though not, as far as I'm aware, relation) Minette and wanted to avoid the names looking too alike...

3. Maxine said...

My review of Asa Larsson's Sun Storm recently appeared on Euro Crime. At least, the book was called Sun Storm when I read it, but now it is called Savage Altar. I prefer Sun Storm myself. I wonder if the author was getting her revenge when she chose a very similar plot start for the second novel (murder in the cathedral type of plot)? Was she making a point to her publisher?
(I have not actually read the second novel yet, as I am waiting for it to come out in PB, but apparently it is distinct from the first, according to the reviews I've read.)

4. Michael Walters said...

I haven't read the Larsson book yet (getting my current Scandinavian fix with 'The Redbreast' which has finally risen to the top of my TBR pile), but 'Sun Storm' certainly sounds a more intriguing title.

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