Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The call of stallion to mare

In case you were wondering, you're not yet too late to attend this year's annual Morin Khuur festival in Ulaan Bataar (the 21st such festival, for those who are counting).  The Morin Khuur is the famous horse-head fiddle - the most highly regarded of Mongolian traditional instruments. The title of this posting, incidentally, is taken from Paul Muldoon's splendid poem, 'Medley for Morin Khur', which I've quoted before when the mood's taken me. 

I was particularly charmed by the fact that the Union of Mongolian Composers  'felt that the audience last year showed signs of restlessness when composers in 14 categories performed during the gala concert'.  That suggests a sensitivity rare among the organisers of such events.  Perhaps the organisers of the Academy Awards ceremony might take note. 



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