Sunday, November 4, 2007

An Interesting Ride

Sorry - been a little quiet on here over the past week.  I've been busy with a stack of things, not least working on the draft of the third Nergui book, The Outcast.   I'm fascinated and reassured by John Connolly's latest musings on the writing process.  Fascinated, because it's always interesting to get an insight into how other writers approach their craft.  Reassured because I always worry that I'm the only crime writer who doesn't have every last plot detail carefully outlined on neatly stacked index cards prior to putting fingers to keyboard.  But the truth is that many (most?) crime writers work as I do - starting with an approximate idea of where the book's likely to go, but always ready to be surprised when the plot or characters suddenly spring in an unexpected direction.   And I've invariably found that the unpredicted development is more interesting than anything I might consciously have planned. 

In my head, I've adopted Paul Muldoon's terrific poem, 'Medley for Morin Khur', as an unofficial epigraph for The Outcast.  The poem is quoted in full in James Fenton's review of Muldoon's collection The Horse Latitudes, along with Muldoon's pertinent comment that: "If the poem has no obvious destination, there's a chance that we'll all be setting off on an interesting ride."  Quite so.




1. Maxine said...

For my part, I can forgive as much silence as it takes, if it means the third Nergui book is going to be finished all the sooner because of it ;-)

2. Michael Walters said...

Many thanks for the encouragement, Maxine - it's on its way...

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