Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Sublime Revolution Ensues

On a rather more profound note, I've been meaning for a little while to draw your attention to a remarkable-sounding film, Khadak.  I can do no better than to give you the directors' own synopsis:

"Set in the frozen steppes of Mongolia, Khadak tells the epic story of Bagi, a young nomad confronted with his destiny to become a shaman. A plague strikes the animals and the nomads are forcibly relocated to desolate mining towns. Bagi saves the life of a beautiful coal thief, Zolzaya, and together they reveal the plague was a lie fabricated to eradicate nomadism. A sublime revolution ensues."

The long synopsis provided on the Khadak website is wonderfully impenetrable, but the film's cinematography is apparently  extraordinary, as this review from the New York Sun indicates.  The film is receiving various screenings in the US over the next few weeks.  As far as I can see, no news yet about when we might get a chance to see it in the UK. 


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