Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Good Company

Interesting piece on the Eurocrime website about that fine publishing house, Quercus, including reference to some of the translated crime fiction to be published by them next year, alongside new books by the likes of Philip Kerr, Colin Cotterill and someone called Michael Walters, whoever he might be. 

On the subject of Eurocrime and Quercus, I was so overwhelmed by Maxine Clarke's review of The Adversary that I omitted to mention that Eurocrime is also currently carrying a review of The Fabric of Sin, the latest by my Quercus stablemate, Phil Rickman.  If you haven't yet discovered Mr Rickman's marvellous Merrily Watkins books - well, it's about time you did.  I'm particularly looking forward to this one as it's partly concerned with the great Montague Rhodes James, so likely to be perfect reading as the nights draw in...



1. Maxine said...

Yeah, I'm hoping to bag a review copy of that one by, what's his name again?, Michael someone?

2. Michael Walters said...

I'd better get on with the next draft, then!

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