Friday, June 22, 2007

Pete Atkin

Another digression down the by-ways of my interests, but never mind.  I mentioned a while ago on here an impending gig by Pete Atkin, a sadly underrated songwriter who writes songs with the more famous Clive James (controversial critic of crime fiction).  The concert, which took place last night in Bristol's splendid St George's, was noteworthy because it constituted Pete's first performance with a band for some three decades. 

And a quite stunning performance it was.  Pete was backed by piano, double-bass and drums (and his own acoustic guitar).  Some of the songs - most originally recorded in the 1970s and only sporadically available on CD - were radically reworked, others just given a delightful polish.  But the effect was to give a whole new sheen to the wit and craft of James's lyrics, to the strength of Atkin's distinctive melodies and, above all,  to Atkin's understated brilliance as an interpreter of the songs.

I'm sorry only that most of you missed it.  But the good news is that Pete's taken the opportunity to re-record a selection of his greatest misses with this band and other equally gifted musicians, so there should be a new CD in the new couple of months.  Details will no doubt appear here




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